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I'm Pirooz, the co-founder of PIROOZ and I came upon the foundation for our brand and product formulation based on a personal journey of spiritual discovery. I have always been inspired by nature but the deeper connection with it as one of the manifestations of the power of the universe came as a result of my continuing quest for peace and toward ever more healthful living. It occurred to me that there is a connection between ancient spiritual rites and the power of pure botanicals as both help gently facilitate the natural balance that our minds and bodies crave by design.


Raise Vibrations

Our intention with our blueprints is to raise emotional and spiritual vibrations around the subject of health and well-being. The PIROOZ blueprints work on a Cellular Level, utilizing plants as therapeutic agents, helping the body's biological system stabilize and self-regulate to achieve an optimal operating condition.

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Self Care

Unless poor health choices or stress influence our cells, our bodies will maintain vitality. In times of stress or inner conflict, our cells contend with emotions such as anger, hate, fear, worry and anxiety; these sensitivities wear down the immune system, leading to physical breakdown and illness. Ease is the key to maintaining a healthy mind and vital body.

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Karen Hecht, Ph.d

Watch and listen to dozens of informative video episodes featuring Dr. Karen Hecht, Ph.d, who discusses the science behind natural plant-based supplements and helps answer the most important questions we all have about the do's and don'ts with our bodies.

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