Return to your natural state of well-being.

An integrated realm where the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of your being converge in harmony. At PIROOZ, we recognize the profound interplay of thoughts, emotions, and cellular health, shaping a conscious path to wellness.

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A Tri-Layered Approach

Physical & Mental

A synergy of age-old Eastern holistic insights and advanced Western medical research. Tailored formulas nourish your body at its core, for tangible and traceable transformations.

Emotional & Energetic

Dive deeper. Our products are not just supplements; they're channels of emotional regulation and energetic alchemy. Feel wellness that resonates beyond the skin, clearing stagnancies and invigorating energies.

Universal Collective

Join the PIROOZ collective. Your journey is amplified when embraced by a conscious community. Dive into our coaching channels and celebrate integrated wellness.

Beyond Wellness,
It's Cellular

Cell Care

A powerful antioxidant, based on 80 human clinical trials, formulated to support inflammation response, rejuvenating cellular and mitochondrial health, boosting the immune and cardiovascular systems.

  • 6000x's Stronger than vitamin C
  • Supports Healthy Inflammation Response
  • Lowered CRP in Clinical Studies
  • 110x's Stronger than Vitamin E
  • 560x's Stronger than Green Tea Catechins
  • 800x Stronger than COQ10
  • 3000x's Stronger than Resveratrol
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Cellular Defense, Naturally Intensified

Immune Defense System

A potent 6 mushroom blend – rich in vitamins and antioxidants, packed with ErgoD2™. Patented UV-light technology magnifies existing Vitamin D2 levels by nearly 1,000 times, helping distribution and absorption into the bloodstream, increasing the body's defense system at a cellular level.

  • Helps Your Body Defend & Balance Your Immune System
  • Enriches Your Body's Defense System At The Cellular Level
  • Helps Your Body Reduce Inflammation
  • Helps Support Kidney Function
  • Patented Process Dramatically Increases This Products Vitamin D Levels
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What people are saying

My daughter is a Freshman in College and once we were introduced to the immune defense and the cell care products we were told for her to take 2 capsules every day. Since she started taking it she is the only one on her floor that has not gotten sick. Based on all of the research we did its hard to believe we actually have something that works. Amazing, thank you Pirooz!

- Brandie S, FT Worth TX

I've always had a sensitive system, and inflammation used to be a constant battle for me. Immune Defense has been a tremendous help, reducing those inflammation issues substantially. I love knowing that I am supporting my body with such a potent blend of mushrooms packed with ErgoD2™; it's reassuring and beneficial.

- Valerie,Maine

When I feel the headache coming on, I rub the oil on, take two Tylenol for migraines, and that stops it! I am so pleased with the results of the magic oil! People need to know about this, so they can get relief from their headaches! Thank you!.

- Rena, Age 85, Denver

The patented process in Immune Defense seems to be doing wonders for me. I've noticed a substantial increase in my energy levels and overall wellness.

- Keith, New York

I was looking for something to help support my immune system naturally, and Immune Defense has done just that. I’ve noticed I have been feeling better overall since I started taking it.

- Lucia, California

I work in healthcare and I was looking for an extra layer of defense, especially during these trying times. Immune Defense with its 6 mushroom blend rich in vitamins has been a daily staple for me. I can see the difference it has made, helping me stay energized and healthy.

- Sanjay, Minnesota

Immune Defense has been a part of my routine for the past few months. I feel stronger and more balanced; my body seems to be thanking me every day.

- Sam, Age 36, Illinois

Ever since I added Immune Defense to my daily routine, I've noticed an improvement. I credit this amazing product for enhancing my body's defense mechanism and keeping me healthy.

- Emily, New York

I live in a place with not much sunshine, so getting enough Vitamin D is always a struggle. Immune Defense has been a great help in keeping my vitamin D levels up.

- Olga, Alaska

I used to be down with a cold every other month, especially during seasonal changes. Immune Defense has been a game-changer for me. I haven't felt sick in months, even when my boyfriend had COVID last month.

- Patrick, Arkansas

I'm a big fan of Immune Defense's 6 mushroom blend. Ever since I started using it, I've felt more energetic and healthy. I swear by it!

- Omar, Florida

As a teacher, I'm always surrounded by germs. Since I've started taking Immune Defense, I've noticed a remarkable decrease in the number of times I get sick each year. It feels like this supplement genuinely enriches my body's defense system at the cellular level, giving me a sort of shield against illnesses.

- Carla, Wisconsin

My kidneys used to always be a point of concern in my health reports. Since I've started taking Immune Defense, my reports have been coming back normal! It’s quite a relief.

- Stella, Oregon

I've always struggled with inflammation, but Immune Defense has helped me feel more balanced and less inflamed. It's a daily must for me now.

- Raj, Age 33, Texas

Since I started using Immune Defense, I've noticed I don't catch colds as easily as I used to. It feels like my immune system is on another level now.

- Marie, Connecticut

As a mother and entrepreneur, taking care of my health is my top priority. Adding Pirooz products to my wellness routine has been life-changing! The few times over the last several months that I have felt I needed to help my body respond to stress (fighting a virus, getting less than optimal sleep), after introducing their supplements, I was able to remain healthy, feeling rejuvenated practically overnight (and more often than not I would start to feel a difference almost immediately) and not miss a beat. I literally have not gotten sick ONCE since starting to take Pirooz's products. Finding a supplement and company that is dedicated to the highest quality and is backed by extensive research is rare, and that's exactly what I found here. Both Cell Care and Mushroom Defense are go-to supplements for me and something that are now a necessary part of taking care of my health. I could not recommend this company more!

- Liana, U.S. Virgin Islands